Recover Nordic

Location: Flora
Tel: +47 95117733

We specialize in Temporary Climate Solutions, Document Recovery Services and Emergency Drying Services. Recover Nordic’s employees provide innovative engineering solutions from offices around the world. Our Sogn og Fjordane offices are located in Flora, Førde, Stryn, Måløy og Svelgen.

At Recover Nordic, we have built a culture around engineered solutions and technical expertise. Recover established the use of desiccant dehumidification for both Temporary Climate Solutions, Document Recovery Service and Emergency Drying Service applications over decades. All the while, Recover continues to advance the industry with the latest technology and most energy efficient dehumidification and temperature control equipment available. Today, Recover is the most experienced Temporary Climate Solutions Company in the world.

Areas of expertise

  • Damage Controle in Case of Fire or Water Damage
  • Prevention and Maintenance


  • Petroleumsservice
  • GMC Stavanger
  • Westcon
  • Fred Olsen Cruises
  • DOF Subsea / Brasil
  • Norwegian Hull Club
  • Sul-Marine Consultant Lisboa PL
  • Statoil


Certification: ISO

Oil Service Segment