Nomek AS

Location: Stryn
Tel: +47 57 87 07 70

Nomek is a modern and advanced engineering company located in Stryn. We specialize in a high level of technological mechanical production. Modern and efficient machines contribute to cost-efficient production. Through close cooperation with customers, suppliers and other competence, we deliver complete solutions that will take care of the customers needs and expectations. We focus on the longevity of our product. This provides good economy for the customer. We produce everything from small simple fittings to finished complete products within plate processing.

Areas of expertise

  • Laser cutting_x000D_
  • Shaping_x000D_
  • Watercutting_x000D_
  • Buckling_x000D_
  • Welding_x000D_
  • Powder Coating_x000D_
  • Wet Coating


  • Havyard Power & Systems AS
  • VARD Elektro AS
  • Rolls Royce Marine
  • Kystverket
  • Fjellstrand AS
  • Fjordesign AS
  • Simek AS
  • GS Marine AS
  • Hareid Elektriske Teknikk AS
  • Møre Trafo
  • Septik 24


Certification: ISO

Oil Service Segment